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Feb 21, 2015:  Brooks Technology has completed it's relocation to Killeen, TX and is open for business!

April 14, 2014  For Immediate Release:  The IRT-1Talking Infrared Thermometer Cooking and Safety Aid for the Blind and partially sighted is now available.

Of all the challenges that the newly blind and partially sighted face, cooking and food preparation is certainly one of the most difficult.  The IRT-1 Talking Infrared Thermometer can make life a little easier in the kitchen for anyone!

  • Cooking and safety aid

  • Wide temperature range: -90 to over 700 degrees F

  • Unique SCAN mode  to easily locate heat source

  • SCAN mode to center pan over hot burner

  • Learn to use in moments with built in talking tutor

  • Can speak in English, Spanish or French

  • Measure temperature of pan, cooking oil, food

  • Dozens of other uses around the home

The IRT-1 also assists people with peripheral neuropathy and limited ability to sense the temperature of an object safely.  The IRT-1 is indispensable in that area, allowing the user to easily determine the temperature of a cup of coffee or tea for example.

Not surprisingly the IRT-1 is proving to be very popular with fully sighted people not only at home, but with commercial establishments as well by providing non-contact and audible food temperature measurement. 

Brooks Technology has been in business as an innovate technology development company for more than 20 years.  Learn more here

To learn more about the IRT-1 please visit our main site:

The suggested suggested retail price of the IRT-1 is $119.95.

Brooks Technology is located in Killeen, TX 76542.