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Before starting any job it's important to hammer out a specification for what is expected.  Communication skills are an essential part of this process because many clients don't have the detailed technical understanding of what it takes to convert that napkin drawing into a real product. Flexability is another requirement! Without exception, every design I've started has had more than one mid-course correction, most often from the clients themselves.

A consultant must also keep up on the ever changing tecnologies of the day! But, there is so much to know, it's best to focus ones skills. I now intend to take my knowledge and experience of Microchip PICĀ® MCUs and expand into the rapidly growing Android market. The need for Android to external embedded controller functionality is very high, with many large corporations getting involved. As part of that effort I am prototyping an embedded controller with Bluetooth and jumping into Android programming. I've found some unique programming tools from Anywhere Software (Awesome software: Imagine being able to create an App for your smartphone with no prior knowledge of the Android OS, or JAVA for that matter within one day). Tools like these are critical to today's fast turn-around environment. Also, due to my interest in blind and vision impaired accessability I am also researching how blind accessability to the Android platform might be achieved with simple touch screen gestures and TTS voice response.

I looking forward to talking with my next prospective client, and I hope to add your project here soon!



PICĀ® is a registered trademark of Microchip Technology, Inc. 


PUMPMATE: A talking remote control for insulin pumps, for blind and vision impaired diabetics.  (2009 - 2011)

Pump-MatePumpMate provides complete access to all standard functions of an insulin pump by wireless communication. Tthe only device of it's type, PumpMate will bring insulin pump access to thousands of blind and vision impaired diabetics. PumpMate is patent pending.

BRIDGEPAD:  An automated scoring device and system for use in Bridge Tournaments.  (2008 - 2009)

BridgePad Previously, Bridge Tournaments were scored by hand, by the players, and by scoring "runners" that would pick up the paper scores and bring them to the tournament director for tabulation. Error prone and labor intensive, a new method was needed! BridgePad is all of this and much more.


AUDIBLE ASSISTANT:  A portable keyboard with LCD and TTS speech synthesizer, note taking device for the blind. (2006-2007)

Audible AssistantAudible Assistant provided a convenient means for the blind and vision impaired to take notes, operate a calculator with text to speech output and help.

QUICKPAD PRO:  A portable general purpose DOS based "laptop."  Developed for Quickpad Technology. (1999 - 2003)

QuickPad ProAn alternative to the expensive laptops of the day, the Quickpad Pro ran DOS, included an editor, calculator, spreadsheet, etc.  For several years it had a large cult following!

QUICKPAD IR:  A note taking device for students and business professionals.
(1996 - 1998)

QuickPad IRExtremely popular in K12 school systems, this device had an editor, calculator and typing tutor built in.  Over 50,000 units were sold. 

EXPERIMENTAL DISK CONTROLLER: Developed for Microsoft (1996)

Experimental Disk ControllerEarly in my engineering and consulting career I gained a lot of experience with floppy disk controller.  My knowledge led to this custom experimental controller developed for Microsoft. 


Hi speed Diskette Duplication ControllerA high speed industrial diskette duplicator, capable of copying a diskette every 12 seconds.

PARALLEL PORT TAPE BACKUP: Developed for H45 Technology (1990-1992)

Parallel Port Tape BackupThe internal circuitry of of a paralllel port tape backup system.  One of the first in it's day!