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A recent project: PumpMate


An associate and friend who is a type 1 diabetic and blind as well asked me to get involved in this project.  The goal:  Create a talking, wireless remote control for an insulin pump.  The insulin pump system I was attempting to interface with consisted of a wearable insulin pump, a blood glucose meter, and PC based software that communicated on a proprietary RF link.  The task was daunting: Everything about the RF communication link was an unknown; frequency, modulation type, packet encoding, packet data definition, packet size and CRC as well.  Examining only the RF I was able to completely reverse engineer and duplicate the packets, and subsequently develop the code that makes up the PumpMate.  Please see the project page for more info.

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Before starting any job it's important to hammer out a specification for what is expected. Communication skills are an essential part of this process because many clients don't have the detailed technical understanding of what it takes to convert that napkin drawing into a real product. Flexibility is another requirement! Without exception, every design I've started has had more than one mid-course correction, most often from the clients themselves.

I provide consulting services by the hour, under contract, royalties, on a hand-shake, or some combination of the four.  My rates are reasonable and I get the job done.  I do not charge for initial consultations or basic project proposals. 

I'm looking forward to talking with my next prospective client, and I hope to add your project to my web site soon!

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