Embedded Controller and Product Design

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About me:

Education:  Northeastern University 1967, Military electronics schools 1968-1969.
Data General, CSM Medical Devices, Keltron Corp, NEC Electronics, Trace Electronics, and Consulting

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Some of the companies I've consulted for:

  • NCR Corporation, Ft Collins, CO
  • VLSI Technology, AZ
  • Chips and Tecnnologies, CA
  • Sun Microsystems, MA
  • Microsoft
  • 3Soft, UK
  • SMC
  • SGS Thompson, France
  • Intel Corporation, CA
  • H45 Inc, CA
  • Media Logic, CA
  • Quickpad Corporation, CA
  • BridgepadRF, CA
  • Access Solutions, CA
I used PIC® MCU microcontrollers in my designs for the last 5 companies listed above.  My last two consulting jobs both involved the use of PIC® MCU controllers as the primary processing element, saving on production cost and maximizing battery life.  Both of these projects required implementing hardware and windows software tools for analysis and debugging, primarily for monitoring of RF packets and simulating actual usage scenarios.

As you can see from my project page I have experience with a variety of hardware, firmware and software solutions, and of late I've done a lot with Microchip
PIC® MCU controllers, but my best talents are in coming up with innovative solutions to your problems/requirements, and I have a network of engineering associates to call upon for assistance when needed.  I also have contacts with overseas design and manufacturing firms to help finish your design and get it shipped!