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Hot New Product!  Hand held Talking Infrared Thermometer:
cooking and safety aid for the blind

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Now carried by:
  • Independence Market at the NFB
  • Sacramento Society for the Blind
  • Frontiere Computing, Canada
  • New Jersey Rehab for the Blind
  • Sight Connection of Seattle, WA
  • Blind Mice Mega Mall
  • LS&S Products
  • Labor & Industry, Harrisburg, PA
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Talking Infrared Thermometer  Model IRT-1
  • Cooking and safety aid for the blind and people with limited vision
  • measures -70 to 380 Centigrade (-94 to 716 Farenheit)
  • Unique SCAN mode with slow to fast beeping to locate heat source
  • Speaks in 3 languages: English, Spanish or French
  • Built-in talking quick tutor
  • Measure refrigerator/freezer temperature
  • Measure cooking oil/food temperature
  • Dozens of other uses
  • 1 year warranty
  • Return within 30  days for refund

    Sorry!  The IRT-1 Thermometer is currently out of stock.  More units should be available in 45 days.  Thank you, sorry for the inconvenience.
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  In development: Talking Digital Calipers
digital caliper image
representative image, not final product.  
A speech module is being designed that will be fitted to the calipers.